Are Appointments Required?
Yes! We schedule appointments to ensure our clients are given 100% of our attention in the search for the perfect dress.

What Should I bring to my Appointment?
You may want to bring photos of the style of dresses you are interested in either from our collections, magazines or that you’ve seen or fitted on elsewhere. A camera, a strapless bra and a pair of shoes of similar height to the shoes you plan to wear on the event date (optional). Please Note: that we kindly request that you don't wear perfume, lipstick, foundation or no tanning products to your appointment - this is to safeguard our Showroom Dresses during fittings.

Who Should I bring to my Appointment?
We suggest that you bring the person/s closest to you whose opinion you value; perhaps your mother, sister or best friend. Bringing too many people can confuse you. Due to the intimate nature of our boutique we can accommodate a maximum of 5 people (incl the bride).

Can I bring Children to my Appointment?
Due to the nature of fitting wedding dresses we regret that children should not be brought to your appointment.

Can I take Photographs at my Appointment?
You are welcome to take photos. This will allow you the opportunity look at your favourite dresses afterwards.

How far in advance do I need to Order my Wedding Dress?
If possible it's best at least 7 - 8 months before your wedding to order a gown. Order lead times vary between 16-18 weeks (4-6 months) for production on orders, plus courier time to SA. We recommend that orders arrive in SA approx. 2 months before the wedding date; to ensure time for alterations if needed.

What are the prices of your Dresses
We will do our best to find you the perfect dress that is within your budget. You are welcome to email us for pricing.

Wedding Dresses range between R 15000 to R 50000.
Bridesmaid Dresses range between R 3500 to R 4900.
Mother of the Bride range between R 6500 to R 14000.
Social Occasion Dresses range between R 6500 to R 14000.

Can I Order a Wedding Dress if I have Less than 6 months before my wedding date?
This is possible, on the basis that our suppliers have the selected wedding dress available in their Inventory Stock (Stock-on-Hand). Alternatively, you can purchase one of our sample dresses should we have a dress available for you in our boutique.

Can I Buy/Order a dress if I live Outside of South Africa?
Yes! We have many clients that don't live in the surrounding areas/regions or live in neighbouring countries (e.g. Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, etc). If you are unable to visit our boutique, we suggest you email us with all your details and we can discuss your Wedding Dress planning via email and/or telephonically. We will email you all the information we require in order to assist us in finding the perfect dress. We can arrange delivery via courier or postal service to you (cost to client). Please note that delivery to neighbouring countries outside of South Africa is excluding your country's custom duties & taxes; which the client is responsible for.

What is the Process to Ordering a dress?
An appointment is made; at which we will discuss your event in more detail, fit on some of our sample dresses. You’ll receive professional, honest advice with regards to the best styles of dresses to suit your body shape, skin tone, personality and your event theme. We will then email you a quotation on the selected dresses of your choice. Once you have decided on your dress, an email can be sent to us with your dress choice and go-ahead to place your order. From there we will email you an Order Invoice with our banking details. We request a 60% deposit payment prior to order placement and the 40% balance once your dress has arrived at the boutique. Upon receipt of the deposit payment, your order will be placed. Payments are done by EFT. Bridesmaid dress orders – we require full payment prior to order placement.

Once your dress arrives at our boutique, we will notify you via email and we can then schedule an appointment for the first alteration fitting. If any alterations are needed, we can assist or you may use your own seamstress/dressmaker. Alterations are at an extra cost. We usually require 2-3 fitting appointments, followed by a Collection Date.

Do you Hire Dresses?
Unfortunately we do not hire/rent our dresses.

How far in advance do I need to Order my Bridesmaid/Mother of Bride Dress?
We recommend at least 6 months to prior to the event date. Order lead times are listed below. We also need to allow time for any alterations that may be needed - we recommend starting with alterations at least 1½-2 months before the event date.

Bridesmaids Dresses - Order lead time is approx 12 weeks (3 months) plus courier time to SA. Rush-cuts are available (4-8 weeks lead time) at an extra cost.
Mother of the Bride/Groom Dresses - Order lead time approx 12-14 weeks (varies by designer, style & time of year), plus shipment/courier time to SA.
Evening Dresses - Order lead time is approx 12-14 weeks (varies by designer, style & time of year), plus shipment/courier time to SA.

How do I place orders for Out-of-Town Bridesmaids?
You will need to supply us with each of your Bridesmaid's details (e.g. name, measurements, and date of arrival in SA). Your bridesmaids will need to take their own measurements (we can email them a guide on how to do this). We can discuss what dress styles and colours to order during your appointment or correspond via email. If possible, a full length photo of your bridesmaids can be emailed to us; for us to assist in advising on the best styles to suit their body shapes. Alterations fitting dates will also need to be scheduled prior to the event date or alternatively have their own dressmaker/seamstress in their area to do their alterations. Priority/last minute alterations are charged an extra fee.

Are Alterations included in the purchase price?
Alterations are excluded from the dress price. Alterations on average vary between R400 - R2500. Alterations will be invoiced prior to collection of your dress. You are also more than welcome to use your own dressmaker/seamstress to do your alterations should you prefer

How Many Alteration fittings will I need?
Alterations start approximately 1½-1 month before the event date. We usually need 2-3 alteration fittings. Collection is usually arranged for approx 1 week before the event date/departure date. You are also more than welcome to use your own dressmaker/seamstress, should you prefer. Priority/last minute alterations are at an extra cost.

Can I do for my alteration fittings over the weekend?
Alterations fittings are done during the week Tuesday – Friday.

What should I bring to my first Alteration Fitting?
You should bring your shoes and underwear you will wear on your wedding day in order to have your gown properly fitted. If you’ve already chosen your jewellery you are welcome to bring it along. We also have jewellery and veils at our boutique which you can choose from.

When should I buy my Accessories?
We have a wide selection of jewellery & hair accessories that can be purchased. We recommend waiting for your first alteration fitting to decide on which jewellery & hair pieces would best compliment your wedding dress and hairstyle.

Special-order designer veils have a 3-4 months lead-time, so making a decision at the same time you order your gown is helpful. At your first alteration fitting, you can order a custom-made veil or hire a veil from our boutique stock. We will give you advice on which veil styles will suit your wedding dress.

Bridal Shoes can also be ordered at the same time as your gown.

BEWARE of Replicas – How do I know if a dress is Original or a Replica?
Firstly if the boutique is not an authorised retailer/stockist of the particular designer brand then most likely the dresses are replicas. If the price of a designer wedding dress is significantly below the prices generally prevailing in the market, it is highly likely it is not a genuine product. For your security, please visit the store locator section on the supplier's (designer’s) websites page to find an authorised retailer. In some cases, suppliers from China claim they produce genuine designer products; even using the original photo image of the dress - However, they are in most cases proven to be counterfeits/replicas and have been the cause of great disappointment, dissatisfaction and regret.

Buying Online - Beware!
Many brides who have ordered their dresses over the Internet at non-authorised resellers have sadly been faced with receiving an incorrect style or size, wrong or different colors, defective dresses, used gowns, and in some extreme cases the bride does not receive her dress order at all. By doing so, you will be receiving a counterfeit/replica gown/dress of much lesser quality that looks nothing like our original sample. This non-authorised companies may display the original photograph of the designer brand dress, but in actual fact you will be purchasing a replica of that style and not an original designer brand garment. Please do not let this happen to you!While we understand that in today's difficult economic times, finding the "best deal" is important, we also know that compromising quality and service to save a few dollars can result in a dress disaster. It is highly suggested that in order to ensure that you receive an authentic quality dress, you should only buy from an authorised stockist/retailer.