5 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Wedding Dress shopping – oh, where to begin! For starters, as a bride, you should aim to look like the absolute best version of yourself on your wedding day. And aside from your beaming smile and bridal glow, your dress will be front and center.

 1. Don't Rule Anything Out
More often than not, a bride goes shopping with a very distinct vision of what she wants, however in reality, that style may not be the most flattering on her, and she decides on a gown she would have never expected to love.  Trust your bridal consultant. They are the experts and have a completely unbiased opinion. It’s their job to help brides of all shapes and sizes choose the most flattering silhouette for each body type.


2. Try on Every Silhouette
Try on everything, so you know what you really love and dislike.  The fitting process is the time to discover what silhouettes/styles best compliment your figure and personality.  Don’t worry about what another bride wore or if you should wear what’s currently in fashion. 


3. It's OK if You Don't Cry
The majority of brides don't shed a single tear during their appointment when they’ve decided on the perfect wedding gown. You'll know if you've found the perfect gown when you can envision walking down the aisle, taking hundreds of photos, and dancing the night away in it.  The winner should be the dress you can't wait to wear again.


4. Don't Second-Guess Yourself
It’s OK to fall in love with a gown at the first store! Relax, order your dress, and cross that task off your list. You have so much planning to do around your gown choice.  A bride will always know when it’s her wedding dress.


5. Choose Your Entourage Carefully
Don't bring more than three people with you. The more family and friends you have at a fitting the more opinions you will get. Bring your mom and a very close friend that understands you and your style.

It can become quite confusing when everybody is voicing their opinions when they do not know what the bride likes or what they want to spend. The bride can inevitably leave the fitting feeling exhausted and confused and the search for the wedding gown becomes overwhelming. Instead of bringing a whole gang with you to try on wedding dresses, why not keep the dress a secret and then do a grand reveal on your wedding day?