Top 10 Signs To Know You Found Your Dream Dress


It’s a day you have probably been thinking about your whole life. With so many styles, fabrics, and cuts to choose from, picking your dream wedding dress can be overwhelming. Here are 10 ways to know you have found the wedding dress of your dreams.


1. You don’t want to take it off.  You’re literally prancing around the dressing room and refuse to let the salesperson take the dress off. You feel like a Bride.  


2. If you have that "OMG, I'm getting married feeling," this is it!


3. Someone in your group is tearing up, even if it's not you.  You may not be the type for overt displays of emotion, but chances are if your mother, sister, or best friend is sniffling, you've found your ideal match.


4. You can’t stop smiling.


5. You swear this is the best you've ever looked.  Even without the glamorous up-do and the makeup to match, you've never felt more beautiful than you do in this moment wearing this dress. So you can just imagine that it'll be 100 times better with the full look.


6. Everyone else's opinion doesn’t matter.  Your family and friends are there to help you find your dream wedding dress, and you obviously brought them along because you trust them. But when you find your wedding dress, their opinions will feel a little (OK, a lot) less important.


7. Price seems irrelevant.  Whether the stylist pulled a dress on the lower end of your budget or right at the top, you won't care. You're not even thinking about the cost. Once you've put on "the one," regardless of price, it's hard to think of anything else.


8. It's taking over your dreams.  Every night you fall asleep and drift off to sweet dreams of yourself getting ready, walking down the aisle, dancing the night away, and it's all in that dress.


9. You don't want to try on any other dresses.  It doesn't matter if it's the third dress you've tried on or the twentieth, you're done looking. That's it. You're already asking your mom to cancel the other dress appointments. There's no other dress in the world that is as beautiful, well-fitted, or perfect in your mind. The search is over.


10. You love it, even if it's not what you thought it would be.  You came into the appointment positive that you were going to want a sparkly, mermaid gown, and now you're walking away with the over-the-top taffeta ball gown you swore you'd never wear. But it's perfect!