Types of Veils for Brides

Nothing defines a “Bride” quite like a Veil. So how do you decide which one is right for you? Firstly, we’d recommend that you choose your style of bridal gown before you set your heart on a particular headpiece, as the veil is an accessory that should enhance your gown, rather than detract from it.   Try and make your veil fit in with your whole wedding style.  You’ll need to also consider your hairstyle if you’re planning on wearing a veil; as this will also determine the veil style.  Here's a guide to the various veil types. 


Veil Lengths Guide

The Different Types of Veils

 We’ll start with the shortest and work our way down to the longest.


Birdcage Veils

Birdcage Veil:  Very popular with vintage or retro brides. As far as the length goes, the netting may come down to cover one or both eyes, down to the nose or chin, or even cover the entire face, whatever you feel most comfortable with.  It's very statement-making and on trend.


Juliet Cap Veil

Juliet Cap Veil: A timeless classic every vintage bride should look into is the beautiful Juliet Cap Veil. This veil became extremely popular in the 1920’s and 30’s and now the veil in making a comeback. A circular cap that fits over the top of your head, either simple or adorned, worn either alone or as the attachment for a veil.  The piece itself can be worn with any bridal style from romantic to vintage or elegant to simple.


Blusher Veil

Blusher: A blusher is the portion of the veil that drapes over the face.  It is designed to be lifted and flipped back to reveal the bride’s face either when the father “gives away” the bride to the groom or at the end of the ceremony when the bride and groom kiss.


Pouf Veil

Pouf Veil: Pouf Bridal Veil is a unique and couture look for the bride seeking that very different veil. The Pouf Veil (also called ‘bubble veil’) is made from a gathering of veil material where it connects to the headpiece, creating a natural ‘pouf’ to the shoulder-length veil.


Shoulder Length Veils

Shoulder Length Veil: Is a 60’s inspired veil that sits on the shoulders or just passed the shoulder.  A great option for less formal wedding.  Also known as the "Madonna" veil because it resembles a shroud around the face.


Drop Veils

Drop/Halo Veil: It is one single layer of tulle. The Halo or Drop Veil is on-trend right now and has a distinctly bohemian style. Traditionally a Drop Veil does not have a comb, allowing the bride to adjust the veil to the desired front and back length. Since this look drapes over the entire head and torso.  To keep it in place use a floral wreath or jewelled cap.  


Fingertip Length Veil

Finger-Tip Veil: One of the more popular veils. The Fingertip Veil is a versatile choice that is able to work with most styles of wedding dresses – from elaborate ball gowns to trumpet style gowns.  The length falls to the bride’s natural fingertip length when her arms are hanging naturally and appears to float around the bride like a cape.


Ballet Veil

Ballet Veil: Also known a Knee Length Veil.  Falls between the knee and mid-calf.  Perfect if you want to wear & dance with your veil during your reception party.


Waltz Length Veil

Waltz Length Veil:  Ending between the calf of the leg and the ankle.


Floor Length Veil

Floor Length Veil: Either just brush the floor or match or be a little bit shorter or longer than the length of the wedding dress.


Chapel Length Veil

Chapel Length Veil: Also a popular veil and complements almost every wedding gown from simply elegant to ultra-glamorous.  The Chapel Length Veil flows all the way to the floor and will usually match or extend past the length of the bride’s gown.


Mantilla Veil

Mantilla Veil: Spanish-inspired veil. A Mantilla Veil (man-tea-ya) is usually a circular piece of lace or tulle trimmed heavy lace edging that is held in place with a comb to frame the face.  A Mantilla veil length can vary from Elbow Length to Cathedral Length.


Cathedral Length Veil

Cathedral Length Veil: The most formal of all veils, it's designed to be worn with a gown with a cathedral length train and to extend well past the end; for a dramatic walk down a long aisle.